Flower unicorn foal

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The new flower unicorn foal by Schleich® bayala® is very curious and playful. It gallops with enthusiasm through the beautiful flower fields and the rest of the bayala world. The wild little unicorn prefers to play with the baby dragon and frolics over the meadows with Marween and her raccoon Piuh, while the flower pegasus watches them attentively.

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The flower unicorn foal of Schleich® bayala® is, in contrast to the colorful flower pegasus, very wild and playful. It 1loves to play with his friend the flower dragon baby through the beautiful flower fields in which it lives, but it also cheerfully explores the rest of the bayala world. When the wild little unicorn visits the royal sisters, they all like to play catching or hiding. With its flowered mane, it can easily hide in the flower meadow.
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