Fairy Sera with Blossom Unicorn

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Sera is very proud of her beautiful unicorn. It is not shy at all, but comes right up to you and knows many magical, new places. Do you want to go with the two of them on an expedition to explore?

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When one day Sera came upon a clearing in the forest while looking for medicinal herbs, a unicorn stood there that was not shy and didn’t immediately disappeared, as unicorns usually do. No, it stood there calmly and allowed Sera to pet and feed it, and even got excited when the elf gently took a seat on its back and rode home with it. Sera was so proud as she rode through the streets of her home of Soleyas. Since then, the two of them have been inseparable. Sera lovingly cares for her unicorn, decorates, and feeds it. In return, it takes the elf to mysterious places where she has never been before. Do you want to discover unknown places along with them?
Manufacturer: Schleich
SKU: Schleich 70565
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